Who we are?


Motahhar agro-industry with the help of experts and experienced people and with the help of competent consultants in this industry, has a long history in the cultivation and trade of medicinal plants, and producing Dried fruits, Handicrafts and etc. In the horizon ahead, it has very high capacities in production and trading of its products.


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180Engineers & Artists
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Pizza Cheese


The products of the company are made using the best industrial milk and has the highest standards of pizza cheese in terms of aroma, taste, and texture.



Traditional patterns such as Eslimi, Khatayi, Gol & Morgh (Flower and Bird), and their combinations are used in enameling. The delicacy of the design and the high variety of colors increase the value of the work.

Freeze-Dried Fruits


Unlike ordinary dried fruit, Freeze-Dried Fruit is not dried with heat. In this method of drying, the moisture content of the fruit is about 2%. The resulting product is completely dry and can be stored for a long time.



Asparagus is one of our products Which this collection has the cycle of this wonderful product from seed production to processing and canning